What are See Thru Window Decals?

A full color, adhesive-backed perforated graphic made to apply on glass which allows you to see out, while your potential customers see the product branding you want them to see. Windows are often an uptapped space that can be used for advertising your products and company message. See through window graphics are a great way to add pop to your storefront while allowing you all the benefits that a window can bring you. See through window graphics can knock down sunlight making your customers more comfortable, protect heat sensitive products, and lower your utility bills by keeping your retail space cooler in the blazing Summer months. With signgrafx.com’s see through vinyl, you will still be able to see out the window while allowing potential customers outside your location to see the image you’ve chosen to use on your window. Our custom online design center allows you to upload your own graphics to create your own personalized see through graphic. and our speedy processing and delivery insures you will be installing your print before you know it. As a courtesy, Signgrafx.com has a complete line of instructional videos on how to install your product to make your whole Signgrafx.com ordering experience a positive, economical one.

See Thru Window Decal Highlights

  • Design your own custom see thru decals online
  • See thru decals are $7.99 per sq. ft.
  • UL Approved materials
  • Non-skid surfaces keep you and your customers safe
  • Perfect for in-store promotions
  • No special software needed.
  • Most Order Ship in 48 Hrs

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See Thru Window Decal FAQ


Benefits of using See Thru Window Graphics

  • Easy Self Installation and Removal
  • Cost Effective Advertising
  • Great Looking Alternative to Window Tinting
  • Reduces glare and solar heat – Saves you money
  • Allows security to see in at night.
  • You can clearly see from the inside out
Typical See Thru Graphic Applications

  • Bus, RV, Boat, and Car Windows
  • Retail Store Windows and Doors
  • Commercial Kitchen Windows
  • Residential Decor
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Anywhere you want to reduce glare!

1. How does a See Thru Graphic work?

Circular perforations (as seen below) allow 40% of the incoming light through. Under normal daylight conditions, a black backer allows you to see out, while those on the outside see your printed graphic. At night, the print allows security and police to see in your location as long as some lights are left on inside.


2. How long does a see thru graphic last?

With typical outdoor usage, materials are warranted for 2-4 years. When properly installed the graphics should not peel or crack. Continuous exposure to bright sunlight, heat, cold, wind, snow, or ice can reduce longevity. Indoor applications can be used nearly indefinitely.

3. How does a see thru graphic help me?

See Thru Window Graphics open up a new world of promotion opportunities by turning glass doors, windows, or any other clear surface into premium advertising space.

4. Will window cleaner damage my window graphic?

No. Under normal conditions, the usual window cleaning solutions and/or window washers should not damage your product.

Installation is Easy


See how easy it is to install our see thru window graphic in a retail storefront application. You can install your graphic from SignGrafx with a minimum amount of materials and know-how. We’ve made handy installation videos to help you on the way to making your new storefront look great. You can see a larger version of the video here. Installing our see thru decals onto a vehicle is easy, too. There are a few important considerations to make but if you watch the video over here to the left you’ll be up to speed on the techniques the professionals are using in order to create back window graphics that will be able to stand up to the harsh vehicle environment while looking great. You can watch the video at full size, here.

See Thru Window Decal Material Information

Signgrafx.com’s See Thru Window Decals are made from high-quality materials, so they will stay vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

  • 81 perforations per square inch
  • 7 mm thick outdoor quality vinyl
  • UV resistant ink
  • 60:40 light reduction

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  1. Derek McDoogle says:

    I like how you explain that see-thru window graphics open up a new world of promotion opportunities by turning glass doors and windows. My boss is trying to find a way to attract more walk-in customers in the shop so that we can increase our sales. After reading this article, I will definitely suggest to him to request quotes to install window graphics with our best products and promos available.

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