Chalk Board Menu Board

Chalk Board Menu Boards are great when you need to be able to change your pricing regularly. We can custom make your Menu Sign with pre-printed graphics attached to create the look of handwritten words or images leaving room for prices to be written in.

Framed Menus

Framed Menus are elegant and present an more finished look. We can design framed menus in a verity of materials from Metals to acrylics even wood. Setting up framed menus so that the menus stands out the menu is easy to change makes Signgrafx frames unique and cost effective. 

Lighted Menus

Lighted menus can be created in multiple finishes with acrylic or Poly carbonate covers. Menus can be mounted to the interior or exterior of the glass and are back-lit with LED lights to create a clean glow that enhances the appearance of the print. The can be created for indoor and outdoor use. Signgrax will work with you to design and manufacture your perfect back-lit menu boards. 

MAgnetic Menu Board

Magnetic Menu boards are built with an metal composite material then the menus are printed on Magnetic receptive material making it easy to adhere and change the menu boards Magnetic menu boards can be framed or framless, Suspended or wall mounted with our custom T nut system

Custom Designed Menu Board

Your Menu Board should be as unique as your business. Signgrafx recognizes that not everyone will be able to find something that will work for them within the standard product line. By tapping in to our wide range of capabilities we are able to develop custom solutions on a case-by-case basis. We work hard to meet all of your menu board needs while also staying within your budget! 

Recent Projects

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