Dimensional Letters & Logos

Dimensional letters have been a mainstay in quality signage for decades


Signgrafx has been in the business of manufacturing and selling dimensional Letters for 28 years. We specialize in dimensional letters for interior applications. Our dimensional letters are available in all sorts of materials and thicknesses. From inexpensive Styrofoam, Foamcore ®, Gatorfoam®   to more upscale plastics and acrylics laminate faced or even Cast Metal and Flat Metal Letters. our dimensional letters are always uncompromised quality. 

Signgrafx has designed and produced all sorts of retail store all décor variations using Dimensional Letters. Combining a wall mural with dimensional Letters on the front is unique, inexpensive and eye-catching. Imagine the possibilities available and give us a call 800-972-9860) Email US to let us help you design your Dimensional Letters and give your retail store that important “atmosphere of Permanence”.  

Whatever your application may be, let Logo Sign Shop help you design and fabricate your dimensional letter sign. We install dimensional letters and logos all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but if you are located outside of DFW, we ship nationwide! Call us Toll Free at: (800) 392-9860 or locally at: (972) 392-3999 or request a quote online for your dimensional letters today!

Types of Dimensional Letters

  • Acrylic Dimensional Letters
  • Aluminum Dimensional Letters
  • Laminated Aluminum Letters
  • Cast Metal Letters
  • Flat Cut Metal Letters
  • Foam Letters


Acrylic letters are both durable and dependable sign products for any location, whether indoors or outdoors. You’re getting more than an acrylic letter. Our acrylic sheet is formulated with an impact modifier to stand up to the toughest application challenges. Acrylic letters and logos can be customized to virtually any custom graphic design, Our acrylic letters will keep the image of your company looking sharp for years to come.

Acrylic sheets are fabricated in hundreds of different colors with thicknesses up tp 1/2″, so there are endless of possibilities to choose from. Acrylic even comes in glossy, matte, and frosted finishes, so the customization options are limitless! Also We stand confidently behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece we produce because we’ve tested it to last a lifetime, or we’ll replace it, free of charge.


Aluminum letters are long lasting sign products that stand the test of time. Because of their versatility and durability, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The most cost effective aluminum The options are limitless and backed by a lifetime warranty . Wherever you need them, aluminum letters will add elegance to any wall.

You can als0 achieve a beautiful, diffused illumination of face or halo lighting, combined with the premium look of fabricated metal letters and logos. Durable and attractive, the stainless steel or aluminum options make a dramatic statement and provide outstanding low-light visibility.

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Laminated letters are lettering which allows for the  of your choice to be used but back by a less expensive substrate like PVC, acrylic or even Foamboard. These signs give the same elegant appearance as other dimensional signs only at  a fraction of the cost. Best of all the options available for this type of lettering are limitless.   

From exhibits and retail displays to lobby reception areas, your interior signage, and experiential branding projects will stand out with elegant laminate display letters that artfully infuse metals, plastics, and specialty materials. These types of dimension lettering are even grate for temporary usage.


Cast metal letters are everlasting sign products with a lifetime guarantee. Either aluminum or bronze, these letters come in a multitude of finish options, like painted, anodized and oxidized, and side profiles like flat, rounded, or prismatic. Choose from either custom cast letters and logos or one of sixty standard letter styles. Not to mention, cast metal letters are more cost effective than flat cut metal letters with even greater dimension.

Flat cut metal letters include aluminum and stainless steel letters, as well as bronze letters, brass letters, and copper letters. These letters not only come in six standard thicknesses, but also in a variety of custom colors, finishes, and coatings! With our knowledge of signage materials, we can fabricate the right sign for your application.

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Foam letters are three dimensional sign products that make any company logo POP! With thicknesses of up to six inches deep and dimensions of up to eight feet tall, these letters demand attention. Lightweight yet durable, foam letters are easy to transport to any stage, special event, or trade show. These letters are perfect for applications such as sign displays, promotional signs, temporary signs, and so much more.

The best part about foam letters is they can be combined with other sign elements to create  variation in depth and texture that is truely uniqiue and since the are so lightweight they can be directly applied to the wall with our custom 3M double sided tape. Signgrafx has even made it easy for you to install these letters by yourself. Each order comes with a pattern to mark the wall, chalk to leave a removable outline and 3M double sided adhesive tape.