What’s a Channel Letter?

A Channel Letter is a dimensional letter made of Aluminum and Acrylic (Plastic) Material. They are the most common type of signs on strip malls, shopping centers and more. Popular across many industries, these eye-catching business signs feature internally illuminated letters. Ideal for storefront signs or lighted indoor signs, these channel letters present your business in a professional, engaging fashion.

Our illuminated storefront signs are custom made from the finest, weather-proof materials and commonly assembled with cost efficient LED lighting. Channel letters can be installed directly onto the building or on a “raceway” – a prefabricated metal box that runs the length of the channel letter sign.


Working in compliance with city ordinances or the building owner’s criteria we can achieve the results you are looking for. All signs are manufactured with the highest quality materials and meet the strictest safety standards, as well as local electrical and building codes.


Channel Letter Options

Front Lit Letters

Front Illuminated Channel Letters are one of the most popular and best selling product of our signs catalog. Each letter is lit from the inside with bright, long-lasting LEDs shining through the plastic letter face. They are made using the most durable materials like aluminum and acrylic plastic or Graphic Material.

Each letter can go from 12 inches height to 36 inches and up. Based on your landlord or building owner requirements, we can custom design the look of your front-lit channel letters sign. Pricing varies depending on how many letters the sign has, size of each letter and installation method. You can also choose different colors and letter styles to match your vision or company branding goals.

Back-Lit Channel Letters

Back-Lit Channel Letters are also known as Reverse and Halo Lit letters. They are internally lighted with our high-quality led lights. The lighting in contrast to the front-lit letters, goes behind each letter. This creates an eye-catching and distinctive halo lit effect.

These letters are made of mill finish aluminum which comes in rectangular sheets that we rout and cut with the letter shape. We then weld each letter face (aluminum) with the aluminum coil (sides). After completion, we paint the letters to match your color selection using long-lasting premium paints.


Dual-Lit Channel Letters

Dual-Lit Channel Letters combines both front and back lighting. These letters are composed by Aluminum (Sides) and Acrylic plastic on both the face and back of the letter. You can select different color lighting on front and back of the letter. 

These type of letters are used in shopping malls, storefront signs, exterior and interior signage.

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