Channel Letters

A Channel Letter is a dimensional letter made of Aluminum and Acrylic (Plastic) Material. They are the most common type of signs on strip malls, shopping centers and more. Popular across many industries, these eye-catching business signs feature internally illuminated letters. Ideal for storefront signs or lighted indoor signs, these channel letters present your business in a professional, engaging fashion..

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Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs will illuminate your brand and location during the day, night and every weather condition in-between. These “wall” or “box” signs, as they are sometimes called, are an effective method of utilizing a large copy area with eye-popping graphics.

Both strong and durable, our custom cabinet signage can be used when small letter size or graphical elements make the use of channel letters impractical. The sign background is typically illuminated and copy can either be translucent (lighted) or opaque (non-lighted) to create a dynamic, high-contrast presentation. Made to fit anyone’s budget, these cabinet signs will supply you with the eye-catching visuals to attract clients, customers, or fellow members to your organization’s doors.

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Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Lettering is a type of graphic that stands out from its background. Also known as 3D Lettering, Dimensional Lettering comes in many varieties, with different substrates, thicknesses, and finishes. Dimensional Lettering can create a professional atmosphere, and lend an air of permanence  to a space, giving the impression of expensive, built-in signage without the hassles that come with the real thing. It’s easy to create a professional-looking space with Dimensional Lettering from Signgrafx.

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Pan Signs

A panface (pan face) also known as pan panel  is a sign fabricated out of flat aluminum with a border of 1″, 1 1/2″ or 2″ that is 90⁰ angle on all four sides of aluminum. Panface signs can be made in any shape, such as rectangle, with square corners or rounded, oval, circle or a custom shape.

Pan faces are fabricated of sheets of aluminum with thickness that vary from .040, .063 to .080 depending on the finished size, application and location.You can order a custom size or shape panface sign to fit your building. Panface signs are perfect aluminum logo signs.

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Recent Projects

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