Save Money with Wall Murals

savemoney150Wall Murals Save You Money on Decor

  • Massive advertising value for the cost
  • Can be taken down and reinstalled based on shopping seasons
  • Less chance for customers to miss items with directed murals
  • Remind customers of their pleasant shopping experience

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SignGrafx Printed Custom Wall Murals can save you money.

Wall murals save you money because you get a lot of “bang for the Buck”. Dollar for dollar it’s hard to beat the ad value of a giant wall mural. You can install a wall mural to cover over unsightly areas instead of paying for costly repairs. Instead of re-painting walls why not install new murals for about the same price! You can departmentalize your store with murals on walls and soffits at a fraction of the cost of other signage. Because they are completely removable and re-installable they are a very effective way of seasonalizing your location. Think of wall murals installed in your entry foyer to decorate the holidays.  mount a mural at the stores’ exit point to thank your customer for shopping , remind them of the pleasant experience and urge them to return soon.


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