foamcoreMaterial Highlights

  • Very Lightweight
  • One of the most inexpensive products
  • Rated for temporary use only
  • Can be dimpled if handled roughly
  • 100% biodegradable options available

Typical Uses:

  • School Projects
  • Hanging Signs
  • Indoor Retail Signage

Ready for use:

  • Indoors

FoamCore Mounting Board: The Workhorse of the Industry

 Foam Board is the most common and one of the the most inexpensive mounting boards in the industry today. Typically made in  3/16″ thicknesses,  these foam boards are sturdy enough to stand on their own for presentations and shows, but lightweight enough to be less of a hassle to carry and ship than many other mounting boards out there.  Foamcore foam board is available in black or white, as well as a variety of sizes to fit your exact needs. Our cutting machines can easily cut your foamcore foam board to your exact dimensions so sizing will  never be an issue (as long as you stay under 48″ x 96″ in size) Of course we can mount any print you desire to this board which makes it great for presentations, temporary signage, or interior signage that goes into a frame.

Standard Foam Board:

Standard Foam Board is available for purchase and customization in both white and black, and is commonly 3/16″ thick. This foam board has no additional surface modifications, meaning that there is no adhesive on the board itself. If you need a foam board that is adhesive we can certainly offer alternatives for your use. Of course you have the option to add your own adhesives or any other sort of mounting system to fit  your particular needs.

Our white foamcore foam board features a brilliant white clay coated surface on both sides of the board. The core is resilient polystyrene with uniform thickness which is able to resist a small  amount of denting and crushing. It cannot be considered heavy duty but it is generally lighter, cheaper, and easier to work with than its more heavy duty cousins. The core features a  built-in thickness memory, so, when it is being cut to your specifications the edges will always return to their initial size.

The other option, the solid black foamcore foam board is a perfect solution when a black edge is desired for aesthetic purposes. It is commonly used in conjunction with other black elements to give a seamless look and polished appeal to your project. The black foamcore foam center is typically sandwiched between two sheets of matte black coated paper. Of course, the black foam board has similar memory properties as the white core foam board does, so you don’t have to worry about an edge that has a crushed look to it right out of the box. This color foam board is often used by photo mounting professionals, higher end presentations, and other more specialized creative uses.

Biodegradable Foam Board: 

Hopefully you’ve read out article about what biodegradable actually means. If you have, then you know that biodegradable means that a foam board will break down in a landfill 100%. There will be no lasting effects on the environment and it will not take up landfill space in 5 years. This foam board option lets you keep your presentations eco-friendly and still maximize your ability to present yourself properly. The eco-friendly foam board looks, acts, and is used in an identical manner as the standard foamcore foam board. The only difference between the standard and the eco-friendly biodegradable foam board is that when you dispose of  your product in the landfill, the biodegradable boards will break down through  natural microbial action  into a harmless compost in just 5 years while standard foam board takes approximately 450 years to fully decompose. That’s quite a difference, especially for the small increase in price!

The SignGrafx biodegradable foam board features a foam center that contains 15% recycled content that is formulated with “bio resins”. Bio resins are an ingredient that causes landfill microbes to degrade the product completely once it has been discarded. Standard Foamcore does not contain these resins and as such takes much longer to return to eco-friendly components. The eco-friendly mounting boards from SignGrafx also use surface papers which are made from wood products sourced from SFI (sustainable Forest Initiative) certified forests and not brilliant clay coated paper which is what the standard foamcore uses.

Get Your FoamCore Signage From SignGrafx Today!

Whether your project is a for a school science project or a multimillion dollar civil litigation proceeding, foamcore makes an excellent backer for many of your printed sign applications. With choices between black, white, standard, and biodegradable options,  you can be assured to get the product that fits your project, your price, and your peace of mind. Now that you’re fully informed about the SignGrafx line of foamcore products, give us a call at 1-800-392-9860 and we can help you finish your next signage project with style! If you’d like to learn more about mounted signage,  you can see our interior and exterior signage page for additional information

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