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What is a custom window shade?

Product Highlights

Benefits of using graphic window shades

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Custom Window Shade?

Custom printed window shades are a SignGrafx exclusive. A window shade that allows you to put any image or customized message on a functional commercial proven window shade system.  Our window shades have been used in a wide variety of retail environments for a number of different reasons. The window shade can help you cut down on light pollution, keeps your location cooler by blocking thermal radiation, and allows you another avenue in which to brand your store.

All you have to do is provide the graphics and the dimensions, and we can build a product suited to your needs. You can choose to install your window shade inside the mullions, outside the mullions, in a hanging or horizontally installed position. You can choose from opaque or non-opaque materials and you can stretch one image across multiple windows (as shown at left) for a truly unique effect.

Product Highlights

Lowers Utility Bills

  • Blocks UV rays, easing heating/cooling issues
  • Can help protect heat sensitive food/items
  • Saves you money!

Additional Advertising

  • Can brand spaces you previously couldn’t
  • Increases visual appeal of your location
  • Makes you money!

Doesn’t Hamper Security

  • Police/Security can still see in your location at night
  • Helps keep someone from taking  your money!

Increased Styling Flexibility

  • Reuse shades for different seasons
  • No more money spent on seasonal installations!

Typical Applications

  • Commercial applications
  • Storefront window shades
  • Interior glass partitions
  • Restaurant applications
  • Drive-thru window branding

Technical Specs

  • Self Edging perforated cloth
  • 10mm thickness
  • UV Resistant Ink
  • 60:40 light reduction


Benefits of Using Window Shades

  • Less costly and more pleasing than blinds
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easily cleaned and hypo-allergenic
  • Durable and fade resistant
  • Saves energy by blocking sunlight and glare


Frequently Asked Questions

How can window shades help me?

What is the maximum size I can order?

Is the window shade approved for food prep areas?

Can I wash my window shade?

Can I get shades that are not see-thru?

How can window shades help me?

Window Shades provide a convertible branding image which can be rolled up and down at your discretion. As shown below, the perforations in the shade allow 40% of the light and view through the shade while also blocking 60% of the outdoor UV radiation, significantly reducing glare and heat.


What is the maximum size I can order?

Window shades can be produced up to 71″ wide by 144″ tall

Is the window shade approved for food prep areas?

Yes! The graphic window shades are hypo-allergenic and meet all mandated criteria for materials used in food-prep areas. In fact, the window shade is a very popular item with our food service clients.

Can I wash my window shade?

Absolutely. Removing and washing with a mild soapy water solution will remove most dust and debris.

Can I get shades that are NOT see-thru?

Yes, we can produce 100% opaque window shades for you, too. If that is something you desire, please call an account manager at 1-800-392-9860

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