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Mesh Banners – An Alternative to Regular Banners


What is a banner?

A flexible, portable, temporary media used to  advertise sales, special events, location changes, or any other message that isn’t meant to be permanent. Short term advertising is what banners are all about. Signgrafx.com realizes this fact and prices our banner fabrication accordingly. Our product is made of durable banner material with metal grommets, made to withstand temporary daily use. If you need a banner than will  be in a high wind load area, we  have a  mesh banner product that is made for this application. Our mesh banners have been installed in many different applications including Construction Cranes to chain link barricade graphics.

Product Highlights


  • High Impact Advertising
    • Inexpensive way to get a message out
    • As easy as tying a rope to put up
    • Can be used  year after year
  • High Quality Construction
    • Two Types of Banner:Vinyl & Mesh
    • Reinforced grommets for strength
    • Woven material stands up to use
    • Fade-resistant inks
  • Inexpensive to make and ship
    • Lower pricing compared to other graphics
    • Shipped in a tube to save you money

Benefits of Banner Advertising

  • Attracts immediate attention
  • Inexpensive form of advertisement
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Reusable
  • Meets all fire regulations for exhibition use


Frequent Questions

What if I need a more permanent banner?

Can I get double sided banners?

What is the maximum size I can order?

Can I get my banner with wind slits?


What if I need a more permanent banner?

Signgrafx.com banners are rated for 3-5 year when installed and maintained properly should you have an application that would require such a long term use.

Continuous exposure to bright sun, heat, cold, wind, snow or ice can affect the longevity

Can I get double sided banners?

Yes. Double sided banners are printed on heavy blockout media that prevents any chance of having the image on the back side from bleeding into the front.

What is the maximum size I can order?

One of the dimensions on your banner must be under 10′ and the other must be under 60′. For example, you can have a banner that is 10 feet wide by 60 feet long and at the same time you can have a banner that is 10 feet long by 60 feet wide, but you cannot have a banner that is 60′ x 60′.

Can I get my banner with wind slits?

Yes, we can offer wind-slits in any banner you would like to purchase. Also,  if you think you might require a banner than can stand up to a windy environment, we recommend our mesh banner (see below) for a much more polished look.


Mesh Banners – An Alternative to Regular Banner Materials

What is a mesh banner and why would I want one?

Mesh banners are an alternative to our regular banner material and are printed on a heavy-grade vinyl mesh media reinforced with cross-strapping to withstand higher wind loads. They are great for extended use in construction sites, barricade banners, and on cranes.

  • 40% less wind resistance
  • Ready for longterm use
  • Ready for industrial use

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