We made an Awesome LeBron Car

We made an Awesome LeBron Car

Before the LeBronversation happened (imploded?) on ESPN. We actually wanted him to come to our beloved Mavericks.

So, in order to woo him in the only way we could, we made a LeBron car wrap to try to entice him to make Dallas his next home! But, It doesn’t seem to have worked.. Probably because he didn’t see it. But, if he had… the NBA landscape could have been completely changed! And he wouldn’t be the villain he is today.. If only every athlete consulted SignGrafx before they made major career changes. We could discuss which car wrap they should go with. . .

Check out how we did it. We even made a music video!

If you want to spoil the fun, here’s the video right up front. Read below to get the real feel for the event that was creating a LeBron Car!

What got us in trouble to begin with:

Sitting around debating sports, as we are prone to do, we were trying to find any conceivable way we could get LeBron and Dirk together. And after we completed this basketball marriage made in heaven, whether we should print flyers for the parade route on glossy stock or if regular printer paper would do. But, what could a graphics and printing company do about it? Not much we suspected.

Then this photo happened:


Don’t feed the trolls:

. . . It was taken from our designer’s screen a few days before the Lebronversation and uploaded to Facebook. The response was big. So we knew what we had to do. We had to create the LeBron car and make a music video. So we got to work. Someone had to get a car. Someone had to start getting the multimedia circus ready to roll at a moments notice. Someone had to actually make that designers screen appear as a properly sized graphic. A few hours later, we had acquired a car, and the graphics had rendered and were off the printers..


The first part of the vehicle wrap we laid down was the  hood:



The Real Question:

I ask you good reader, “What sort of basketball player could resist this?” Or any athlete for that matter.. It was getting late, so we had to stop for the day, but we had pretty much finished 50% of the project and were going to come in on Saturday to finish it. (LeBron waits for no one!)


The side of the wrap looked like this at quitting time..



Noon Saturday: (Hey, we don’t wake up early on the weekend)

It was back to the grind. The video guy had the sound bed ready to go for the video. The photographer had shown up and was setting up the studio. And the installers got back to work finishing this car wrap of beauty.

We finished up the other side of the car. Had some lunch while it dried and the brought it out into the light of day:




And then the photographer and the multimedia guys got to work…





Big ups to Ben Rodgers for making the musical bed for us!

And even bigger ups to Mark Cuban for sending our photos to the media!

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