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Make money with Roll Up Banner Stands

When it comes to exhibitions and events, companies spend thousands of dollars on a tradeshow exhibit to draw the attention of potential customers. The largest ones, with an unlimited budget, invest from $ 50,000 to over $ 1,000,000 per year on creating, constructing, shipping and erecting their booth in national and international exhibitions. They have separate departments of exhibit sales professionals dedicated to this task. It’s a full time job that may pay for itself if the exhibit produces enough customers to warrant this expense. The risk is great and returns are not guaranteed. For this reason many corporations have sought out alternative methods to gain new business at tradeshows without incurring these huge upfront expenses and often resulting losses.

A few years ago innovative tradeshow display designers began marketing modular displays to replace these tradeshow monsters. Among the most successful ones were the foldable trade show pop up booth types. You could buy one of these for around $4000 to $10,000 and they came complete with transportable carry cases. All different configurations were available to fit most standard exhibit layouts (10′ x 10′, to 30′ x 30′ islands). Even though they cost significantly less one could assemble a very impressive tradeshow booth with them. With professionally designed graphics and the addition of some contemporary furnishings some of these displays would rival the “Big Boys”.

But don’t be misled. Designing, shipping and erecting this type of tradeshow display was still difficult and costly. Packing and unpacking the display into its hard cases and transporting them to the vent still required trained personnel and professional shippers. At most major exhibits these units could only be handled by costly exhibit representatives which usually meant adding a day or two for set-up and striking the exhibit. This type of tradeshow booth still makes sense for larger companies with lots of money to spend marketing at tradeshows who require a large presence at major exhibits to gain customers from their competitors, but it’s not really a viable way for a smaller company. Now you have an alternative: Retractable Banner Stand Displays.

rollup banner stand2For under $300.00 you can order a roll up banner stand display complete with vivid graphic that erects in one-minute, weighs about 7 lbs and fits in the overhead bin of commercial aircraft. These roll up banner stand display are terrific. When used in multiples place side by side or staggered and complemented with in-expensive additional décor ( Four-sided hanging clouds , hanging banners, floor graphics and modern furnishings) these roll up banner stand display can rival the look of any competitors display.

Retractable banner stand displays are floor stands (32″ wide by 85″ tall) that contain a graphic image which erects and retracts from the base of the unit. The image can be erected to any height and fixed with the included telescopic pole. For a panorama designers will create a large image that spans multiple displays and simply place them next to each other. Alternately one can create a forest effect by mixing product images with lifestyle or background images and placing them randomly in the display space. The effect is eye catching . You can place two, three or four roll up displays back to back to create pillars of information. Designing the graphics and arranging the retractable roll up banner stands to suit your tradeshow event is limited only by your imagination. Another benefit to using these displays is that the graphics can easily be changed at any time to highlight new product or services without great expense. Our banner stands are so versatile that you can use them to display at small hotel or company events as well. Sales people can easily carry several banner stands in the trunk of their car to use anytime they need to.

Retractable banner stands get your message read

Roll up banner stands are an eye-catching advertising tool that offers you the perfect way to broadcast your message. Ideal for trade shows, promotional events and other advertising venues roll up banner stands are lightweight, affordable and versatile.

Not just for Tradeshow Exhibits

Due to their size and ease of use, banner stands are ideal displays to use for many occasions. They are by far the easiest and most portable of all displays on the market today. They can be used for trade shows, presentations, and sales meetingsor in your office to promote a new product or simply display your company logo. Signgrafx retractable banner stands offer quality and versatility at a low price. The lightweight aluminum housing features a retractable design that stores your graphics inside of the base, protecting your graphic from damage and wrinkles that may occur during transportation or storage. Signgrafx banner stands are extremely durable, and are recognized as one of the most cost effective and durable roll-up display on the market today.

Generate more sales at the Point of Purchase

Retractible  banner stands located at the point of purchase are very effective. You can draw additional attention to products or services you offer to gain that important impulse buy. A banner stand displayed in this manner has a novelty about it that urges customers to act because they believe that this offering is for a short time only and if they don’t act they may miss-out on the deal.

Draw more customers into your store

Advertise your best selling product or ongoing special sale on your retractable banner at the front door of your shopping mall or strip center retail store. Consider two or three roll up banner stands for added impact. Place one outside your shop and the others inside to emphasize what you are selling and what extra benefits your customers get from your product or service. Multiple impressions increase your sales responses. Take care to make your offering on the roll up banner stand concise, informative and attractive. If you need expert design help you can always count on Signgrafx creative professionals to design your roll up banner stand for you. The cost of this service is minimal and often, depending on the quantity ordered and the scope of the project, this service will be free.

Earn additional revenue in your lobby

Displaying a  banner stand in your hotel foyer will inform your guests of current events in your hotel or direct them to your restaurant to take advantage of the special priced “all you can eat buffet” to increase your food service sales. Display what is happening in your hotel for all your guest to see and act upon.

Generate Revenue with Roll Up Banner Stands

Roll up banner stands are mini billboards. You can make a lot of money by leasing this ad  space  to other businesses who will clearly benefit from the foot traffic in your hotel lobby. Partner with the local events coordinators to let them rent this ad space. Make a deal with a local Golf Course to advertise their club in return for dollars and complementary rounds for you and your staff. Think about it, the opportunities are limited only by your ability to contact interested parties and strike a deal. Museums, Rodeos, Exhibits, Race Tracks, Shopping Malls, Performances, Restaurants, etc. are just a few examples of money making venues to call upon. Take advantage of this opportunity now by placing several roll up banner stands in your lobby and other high traffic areas. You may be surprised at how much additional revenue you can generate and all from space that previously went unused. More money making ideasApartment complexes and high rise condominiums use roll up banner stands to inform residents of what’s happening in the vicinity. They let them know about all sorts of happenings in and around their complex from special events, galas, neighborhood shopping discounts to adult education classes and senior  citizens  specials. Educational institutions use roll up banner stands to inform students of school events, student performances, on campus celebrations, or to direct students during admissions and graduations.

roll up banner stands

roll up banner stands are ideal for temporary directional information. Especially if the event happens repeatedly because they can be distributed and displayed quickly and once the event is finished they are quickly retracted and stored securely for the next time. roll up banner stands are very lightweight and portable. You don’t need any tools or special instructions to set a roll up banner stand up. Simply extend the graphic from its base to the desired height and fix the telescopic pole.  It’s kind of like pulling down a roller shade in reverse, when you are ready to pack up you just loosen the telescopic pole and let the graphic retract back into the base for safe and secure storage. Because they are lightweight and compact they are also very easy to store without having to worry about getting damaged like other reusable signs do.

roll up banner stands are terrific eye catchers to use wherever you have high pedestrian traffic. Airports, hospitals, exhibitions, museums, fairs, music events and sporting events etc.  The returns on investment when advertising on roll up banner stands in these areas are immense. Think about it. What would you pay to attract 50 to 100 new customers to your airport concourse chocolate shop daily? You can accomplish this with as little as $ 200 invested in a roll up banner stand. Pedestrians walking down a concourse are focused on what is in front of them. The often miss seeing vendors retail stores along the side but they won’t miss the roll up banner directly in their path of vision. Here is your opportunity to entice them to stop and shop.

This , of course, depends on, how well you make your offering. Beauty salons and Spas A lifestyle image of a beautiful woman will create an eye catching impression on your clients. When supported with a sales message this type of ad will generate  additional sales for you. Why not contact the vendor who sells you most of your beauty products and suggest placing their product on the roll up to aid their sales. You’ll be amazed at how amenable they will be. In many cases these sales professionals have a sizable budget that they can use for just this type of advertising. Look at it this way, what chance would a Revlon sales agent have of putting a poster in the entry of your Spa or Beauty Salon…you would not allow it! But if you create a graphic that touts your business and advertises the benefits of Revlon products that your customers love, you could easily cash in. Instead of asking your vendor to contribute you might be able to negotiate additional discounts on the products in return for this advertisement.

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