Protect Your Products From the Sun with Printed Custom Window Shades

Shade the Sun & Protect Your Product & Employeessavemoney150

  • Reduce Light without Excessive Darkness Inside
  • Protect UV & Heat Sensitive Product
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Maintain Safety at your Location

SignGrafx Printed Custom Window Shades can save you money.

I.  Reduce light in your location without making it excessively dark

Unlike standard roll-up window shades, SignGrafx Printed Custom Window Shades are produced on a lightweight scrim material that is white and somewhat translucent as opposed to a dark opaque material. Even when the Printed Custom Window Shades is rolled down you will still have a good amount of light penetrating to your space. Our Printed Custom Window Shades are 40% open which means that 60% of the harmful UV rays are blocked from entering your space. Because they are light in color from the inside you will only reduce the light coming through the window by about 40%. But it is different for the amount of heat that is transferred through our Printed Custom Window Shades . Because heat rises, light that hits our Printed Custom Window Shades from outside is bent through the perforations of the Printed Custom Window Shades which causes heat to be absorbed by the  material of the Printed Custom Window Shades and because of its white interior color layer the heat gets reflected to the outside again. This can help reduce your interior heat-load significantly to save you money.

warped_cd_caseII. Protect Products from UV and Heat Exposure

UV light penetrating through windows can wreak havoc on all sorts of interior fixtures and materials that are produced without using uv protection. Soft-goods like upholstered furniture, leather furnishings, Stained woods etc. are all prone to fading from exposure to UV light. SignGrafx Printed Custom Window Shades will reduce this exposure by 40% which means that your furniture and fixtures will last a lot longer.

III. Lower Utility Bills

When you install SignGrafx Printed Custom Window Shades you can save a lot of money in utility cost because you are reducing your average heat load through your windows by at least 40%. Every window you have that faces east or west is subject to a lot of light and heat throughout the day. Exposed glass transfers this heat into your space and warms it significantly. Just feel the inside of any of your windows exposed to the sun … its like a heater in your room. Once you install SignGrafx Printed Custom Window Shades this heat will be redirected, absorbed and reflected back through the window to help reduce your interior heat load and subsequent utility bills during the warm months. On the other hand when it is cold outside you can roll up the Printed Custom Window Shades  to capture the heat to reduce your space heating costs.

IV.How employees not having direct sunlight in their eyes increases production/money

Below is an example of how  SignGrafx Window Shades saved a major fast food chain thousands of dollars in lost productivity, solved a major customer service problem, and reduced lost revenue from erroneous order fulfillment.

The_SunSignGrafx  was contracted to solve a major problem for a national fast food franchise. The problem was that the order taking employees at the drive thru windows had issues with reading the orders from the computer monitors because of excessive reflection of sun coming through the drive-thru windows. Not only was it uncomfortable to work this position but it led to a lot of order errors. SignGrafx Printed Custom Window Shades were installed. Problem solved. Glare was eliminated, with the added benefit of heat reduction now these order takers are happy to work the drive-thru windows again. Order mistakes have been reduced significantly and this franchise has the added benefit of additional sales due to the printed POP messages on their drive-thru window shades. If you are experiencing similar problems be sure to call SignGrafx and let one of our experts show you how Printed Custom Window Shades  can be used to your benefit.

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