Increase Your Foot Traffic


Advertise Your Brand And Increase Your Foot Traffic

  • Increase Branding with your own logos and images
  • Generate More Interest In Your Store From Passersby
  • Convert More Walk-Up Traffic to Sales
  • Make Your Storefront Stand Out From Neighbors

Why use a custom printed window shade?

Unique & Proven – Because custom printed window shades are a unique , new , cost effective and a proven way of attracting passersby and increase your foot traffic. Just like a creative window display attracts customers to stop, look and listen, SignGrafx printed, custom window shades offer you the opportunity to combine dazzling graphics and signage to capture the attention of passersby.

Catch Customers’ Eyes First– With SignGrafx printed, custom window shades you will soar above your competitors. Test it yourself. The next time you walk through a shopping center, mall, strip mall or freestanding store take a close look at the signage that draws your attention. Once you have left, how many of the signs or presentations did you remember? To which stores did they belong? I’ll bet that you’ll remember very few, if any. But if you do remember a few, its likely because they were eye-catching and creative.

Standout From Surroundings – With SignGrafx printed, custom window shades your store will stand out from those surrounding you. Research shows that walking customers take 10 to 20 feet to slow down, change concentration and focus on a new message. Because printed, custom window shades typically span several windows of your store your message is observed and absorbed instead of passed up, thus easy to see how it could increase your foot traffic. What your custom window shade’s message is, is the single most important element you must consider to get the desired results.


Ask yourself;

What is the message? Savings, novelty, quality, ambiance,etc.? Certain stores should concentrate on certain messages. For example, banks would never use a custom window shade that showed a party atmosphere, but a Vegas nightclub might.

Does the message fulfill my customers’ need? Giving your customers what they want (or what they think they want) is always paramount. Develop your custom window shade around a common purpose.

Will the message invoke enough curiosity to cause the customer to enter the store? If done properly, your custom window shade will convey the proper mood/ambience/message to bring new or existing customers into your location.

Can the message be graphic only or must you use words? A picture says 1000 words, but sometimes your logo or some choice keywords can say it faster

If you decide to use text on your custom window shade, how can you say it in as few “honest” words as possible? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you believe that the corner store is, “the greatest bookstore on earth?”

Does the message fit your overall store identity or brand? Major Corporations have entire departments dedicated to this very subject. It shouldn’t be something you overlook either. Narrow your brand (and thus, your message) down to the consumer you want to target.

Do you carry the message throughout your store? Improve the effectiveness of your message through consistency

Order Your Custom Printed Window Shade Today

With SignGrafx custom printed window shades you now have the means to excite your customers’ curiosity, that creates that intensified interest that gets him to look into the your store and make that most important impulse decision… to enter.


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