Trade Show Display Ideas

Trade Show Display Ideas

Are you looking for trade show display ideas that are unique and eye-catching? Look no more! SignGrafx has roll-up banner stands which you can design yourself online in an easy and fun way!

Create Them Online

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Not confident about designing it yourself? Don’t worry! We understand that not everyone has design experience, so we created templates which are very user-friendly. These templates have designs which can satisfy even the most demanding customers, as they are varied, attractive, and most importantly, 100% customizable. You can easily change the colors if you have other colors in mind or that the colors don’t match your theme and preference. You can easily insert any text, like your slogan or product descriptions or promo offerings. The text will serve as your enticement to draw the attention of trade show attendees to your booth. You can also easily upload photographs, like your logo or products; should you not have ready graphics to upload, you can make use of the clip-art pictures that we have collected and use them for free for your own purposes. Graphics enhance recall, as noted in the research of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research.

Easy, right?  

And not only that … you will find it fun too! You will have a stress-free experience as you are amused by the different designs that you create, pleased that you can come up with interesting designs in just a few minutes. You will be proud of the finished products, which we will deliver to you in about 48 hours after you have designed and purchased them.

Trade Show Displays On The Go

The custom roll-up banner stands are very portable. They are light in weight, and they can be retracted to a compact size of 5”x5”x34”. They can fit in your car trunk, and you can even hand-carry them to your flight out of the country, as they can fit in the overhead compartment of any airplane. They can also be rolled down easily, so you do not need to have extra help in displaying them. You can move them from one place to another within the booth, until you find the perfect place for them, where they can be easily noticed amongst the other displays in the venue.

These banner stands are inexpensive. For only under $300 each, you can have an efficient advertising tool which you can use again and again. They are made of durable materials that will last for a long time.

Get Your Custom Banner Stands Here

Interested in our trade show display ideas? Why don’t you give it a try now? By the way, you can also customize their size so that they can meet your and the organizer’s requirements, and also to fully maximize the space where you are going to display them.

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