Sell Your Home Faster With SignGrafx Real Estate Signs

Sell Your Home Faster With SignGrafx Real Estate Signs

Sell Your Home faster with a SignGrafx Real Estate Sign! Selling your house comes with its own set of challenges and headaches.  Do I remodel?  Do I Paint?  Do I try and sell high?  The list can go on and on.  One of the more important things, yet something that is oft overlooked is the Real Estate sing in front of your house.

 What Do Real Estate Signs Say?

realestateReal Estate signs usually say one of two things:

For Sale by Owner, or The Broker/Company’s name whom you’ve hired to sell your house for you.

Both types of real estate signs depend on professional design, and proper placement to attract interest from prospective buyers.  Maximizing the affect of these real estate signs is something every seller should want to do.

Location, Location, Location

Take placement for example.  Depending on where you live, what type of street, and how much traffic going by your house are all determining factors as to where to put your real estate sign, or your real estate signs (sometimes one real estate sign just isn’t enough!).  People who live on a busy street with plenty of passersby would probably only need one real estate sign, front and back, to maximize its use.
What if you lived on a corner lot?  Perhaps 2 real estate signs are needed, one each side in order to hit both veins of traffic.
What if your house is off the main road?  Perhaps (with permissions from the property’s owner or city) you can put a real estate sign on a nearby main road.

“But I’m putting my house up for sale on the internet, and in newspapers, I don’t need a real estate sign in my yard…  . right?”

The fact is you need to get your real estate sign in front of as many possible buyers as possible.real-estate  Someone could read in the paper, drive to your neighborhood and know exactly what house they are looking for because they see the real estate sign in your yard.  Think of all the people that drive by your house, maybe one of them knows a friend looking for a house, and because of your real estate sign they can now tell their friend “I found the perfect house you, it’s just down the street!”  In the end, a well designed real estate sign that is sitting in front of your house simply says, “I’m for sale” better than anything else ever could, and that will help you sell your house quicker. Just think about the costs involved when your house doesn’t sell when you need it to, and you have a double mortgage payment. Would you be willing to split that cost in half and spend it on signage in order to sell your house faster? The easy answer is yes, but yet, people still resist.

This is all one example of where spending a little money on signage can pay off in big dividends when you make a sale. Think about Coca-Cola. Do they need to advertise a product that’s been a favorite of Americans for a century? People probably aren’t going to forget about Coke any time soon, so why do they spend billions on advertising? Because it works.

If you’re going to be selling your house anytime soon and need real estate signs, why don’t you give us a call and see how we can help you sell your house faster through attractive and effective signage.

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