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Exterior Window Shades from SignGrafx.com

You may have heard of one of the newest innovations in home decor and home redecorating, today; it’s an exterior window shade. These shades are perfect for your backyard patio or even your RV. Exterior window shades from SignGrafx are stylish and creative decor products that are perfect for covering a large area and protecting it from the harshness of the afternoon sun. These new innovations can also afford your children some protection from the sun when playing outside without sacrificing the visual appeal of your home.

Custom Exterior Window Shades from SignGrafx

Exterior Window Shades are Today’s Answer

One of the main advantages of an exterior window shade is the ability to allow diffused sunlight through the fabric. More traditional awnings block 100% of the sunlight and are less attractive accessories for your home. Exterior window shades however are both stylish and functional, and can allow as much as a 20 or 30 degree drop in temperature while still affording you an attractive back porch area.


Control the Heat in Your Home

Exterior window shades are also great at helping to regulate the temperatures inside your home. We all know how terrible it is to get the electricity bill in the middle of August when theĀ sun’s been beating down on you all summer long. With an exterior window shade your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. This is due to the fact that the shade partially blocks some of the major “hot-spot temperature leakage areas” that cause increased electricity usage.

Exterior Window Shades are Snap to InstallĀ 

If you’ve look for window shades in the past but were worried about installing them yourself, there is no longer a need to be concerned. Exterior window shades from SignGrafx are extremely easy to install and can go up in less than a day. In fact we’ve created an instructional video to show you exactly how easy it is! Combine this ease of installation with the fact that you can put any image that you like on your shade and the decision to incorporate this in your home is an easy one.

Get Your Window Shade Up This Weekend

Why let another day go by in which you can’t enjoy your backyard patio because of the ridiculous heat in the middle of summer? Now you can enjoy the beauty of your backyard, have a stylish decor item for your home, and alleviate some of the strain on your air-conditioning unit all with the convenience of exterior window shades from SignGrafx. To take advantage of this stylish new idea today call us at 1-800-392-9860 send us an e-mail at sales@signgrafx.com, or fill out a custom window shade contact form and you’ll be on the road to backyard bliss in no time.

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