What Does Green Mean?

What Does Green Mean?greenquestions

Does it mean environmentally friendly, Biodegradable, Recyclable? What is the difference?

As it may pertain to the printing industry, “environmentally friendly” is a catch all term used by product manufacturers, marketers and vendors to make you think that you are helping “keep our planet clean”.

In fact there are four criteria to establish if a product could be determined to be friendly to our environment.

Four Criteria for Green Production

I.  The Company itself

Is the company selling the product environmentally responsible?

Do they just manufacture a couple of “green” products?

Do they purchase raw materials that are gathered in the safest fashion for the environment?

Do they safeguard all harmful emissions?

Do they purchase from “fair trade” suppliers that maintain high standards of of wages and working conditions?

II. Manufacturing

Does the manufacturing process harm the environment?

Is the process of obtaining raw materials creating harmful emissions “carbon miles”?

Does the process release harmful emissions to the atmosphere?

III.  The Product

What is the status of the product itself?

Does the product contain environmentally harmful chemicals?

Does it emit toxic gases? Will it leach toxins into the earth or landfills?

Does it contain recycled materials, if so what percentage?

What is the lifespan?

IV.  Disposal

How can the product be disposed of?

How far away is the recycling center?

Is it biodegradable (organic materials are considered biodegradable if the degrade completely in 5-7years in a landfill?

Is it re-usable (reusing may be more desirable than recycling)?

Today’s Green World

As of today, very few manufacturers of green products supply enough information to help us decide if their product is environmentally friendly and even fewer meet all the criteria to be truly environmentally friendly. Signgrafx.com is continuously improving our supply and manufacturing processes to strive to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer and continue to seek manufacturers and products that meet the “green” criteria.  Wherever possible we use environmentally preferred products for packaging. As most materials in our industry can be considered to be recyclable we will only offer “environmentally friendly” product alternatives that are 100 % biodegradable. We fully understand that there are many questions that we simply cannot answer (such as the manufacturing of the raw materials we use or how our vendors acquire their materials) but this fact isn’t enough to stop us from attempting to do our part to help the environment. Please view our listing of available green products periodically as we will update it as new alternatives become available.

Currently Available 100% Biodegradable Sign Substrates:

3/16″ Foamboard

100% Biodegradable Foamboard
Indoor use only

1/32″ Posterboard

Made from 100% recycled paper
Indoor use only

3/16″ Corrugated Plastic

Limited outdoor durability 6 Mos-1yr
100% biodegradable

Wall Mural Canvas

100% Biodegradable
Unlimited indoor use

Vinyl Banner

100% biodegradable
3-5Yr outdoor durability
Single sided

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