Studio Interior Design Ideas – Design Them Online

Studio Interior Design Ideas – Design Them Onlinestudio

If you are living in a studio apartment, your biggest challenge would be in making your space look bigger.  You may need studio interior design ideas to help you out, although you may already have some of your own.  As www.freshome.com asked in its article, 5 Tips in Decorating a Small Studio Apartment, “how exactly are we going to fit so much into so little?”  This is such a difficult question to answer, and we would not know how hard it is to design a studio until we live in one.

Because of the limited space, color motif is very important.  It is safe to go for light colors, although the adventurous ones opt for darker shades.  The rest of your decors, including your basic furniture, should be able to blend well with the color of your walls, ceiling and floor.

Custom Window Shades

If you belong to the latter group mentioned above, where your studio is painted in dark shades, then it is important that your studio is well lit.  Your windows should be dressed in see-through materials so as not to block the entry of light at anytime of the day.  You may opt for custom window shades instead of curtains, which you can design yourself.  You can use bright and cheerful designs like clear blue skies or the sun shining brightly in the horizon.

Custom Wall Mural For Your Studio

Just like your windows, your walls should also be designed in a cheerful way so that your studio will not feel gloomy.  You can make a custom wall mural, the design of which should be consistent with the rest of the room.  If you have decided on custom window shades, then the wall mural should compliment these, by designing a similar or a subdued version.  It would be much more fascinating for you and for your guests if the mural and shades represent you, your interests and dreams.  For example, a bachelor or a small family who is very much into gaming can customize the wall mural in such a way that a scene, an item or a character from their favorite game can be viewed by all.  On the other hand, a bachelorette who loves fashion may want to show a catwalk, a designer dress or bag or shoes.  A movie buff can use classic movie scenes or movie stars or famous movie quotes.  A beach or nature enthusiast can adopt a seaside or mountain scene while a coffee lover can show a cup of coffee or a sidewalk cafe.

Get Started

There are so many studio interior design ideas, which can be from your own imagination or you can seek the help of family and friends or you can browse magazines and the web.  You can try out all these ideas online via our home design page, which you will find interesting, fun and easy to do.  There is no hassle at all, and as soon as you send us your design, we will ship the finished product to you in about 48 hours.  You can then install it right away, which, again, is easy and hassle-free.

Get In Touch With Us

So bring out your studio interior design ideas now and enjoy your custom wall mural and window shades in no time at all.  You may call us at 1-800-392-9860 or email us at sales@signgrafx.com for more information.

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