Store Interior Design Ideas – Create Your Own Design Here

Store Interior Design Ideas – Create Your Own Design Here

stre-designWhen we talk of store, we usually mean convenience store or grocery store, which typically retails food.  There is not much difference in the interior design of these stores, since rows of shelves take up almost all of the space.  The difference may lie in the layout, with the goal of easing traffic flow and visibility of items for sale.  Nevertheless, when you have been to one store, you know you have seen them all.

A Convenient Convenience Store

So, how can you differentiate yourself from the other stores?  There may be two or three of these in your community, and all of them look almost the same.  You may want something to spot you from the others, something that is unique to you while at the same time, bring customers inside your store.  You may have tried promotional devices, but these are seasonal.  You want something that is more permanent or may last more than a month or a year.

One effective idea is to bring energy and vivacity to your store.  Don’t be just like the others.  Your store need not be drab and uninteresting.  It should breathe life, so that customers will linger longer, look at more stuff other than what they originally went there for and, hopefully, buy more.  You can achieve this by taking on some store interior design ideas which you can do yourself and will not make that much dent on your budget.

Dress Your Window

One is to dress your window with custom window shades.  A photograph of an outdoor cafe will entice the customers to come in and try out your sandwiches and drinks; while a verdant park with a fountain and a bench will give them the message of take-out food and fun refreshments.  You may want a photograph of happy children playing to subtly suggest healthy and energizing food.

On top of these suggested photographs, you can also advertise your products on the custom window shades.  You can add a power statement or a one-liner for people to know more about you and your store.

Once inside your store, there are other store interior design ideas that will help make your customers hang around.  What about colorful floor decals?  These will certainly catch their attention.  These decals may be pictures of different kinds of sandwiches where the health benefits are stated, like “100% cholesterol free” or “no salt added”.  It may be a cup of coffee with the quote “start your day right” or a refreshing drink with “be energized” written on it.  These floor decals should be able to lead the customers to the right direction, that is, to the shelves where these products are placed.

Learn More And Get Started Today

The custom window shades and floor decals are just some of the store interior design ideas which can be done in just a few minutes by none other than you yourself!  Not the creative type?  Don’t worry.  You don’t need to be.  All you need to possess is the motivation to make your store different from the others.  Bring out the photographs or postcards you have collected over the years and see which one will look best on your window and floor.  Then customize the window shades and floor decals according to the specifications and directions on our home page.  You may also call us at 1-800-392-9860 or email us at sales@signgrafx.com for more information.  You will be surprised how easy and enjoyable designing them can be.

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