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Extra Wide Window Shades for Extra Wide Spaceswindowshade-flat

Covering extra large windows has always been a problem for home and retail designers. Today with new technology, it’s easier than ever before to create attractive and functional window shades that can cover a wide area at a reasonable price. SignGrafx is here to help deliver this new and exciting product to you! Read more to find out how

Do you have an extra wide window you’d like to cover?

Tired of finding nothing to suit your needs without going wildly over budget?

SignGrafx has your solution. Up until now, the size of your window has limited your options.  You’ve been stuck with a selection of outdated, often downright ugly extra wide window shades, and little to no opportunity for customization at a reasonable price.

Up to 72 Inches of Window Shade Power!

If you have problems like these, then this is your lucky day!  You’ve just found the extra wide roller shades you need from SignGrafx!  Your extra wide roller shade can be made to fit any size window up to 72 inches wide, but that’s only the beginning of the good news.  An extra wide roller shade from SignGrafx is entirely customizable.  You can choose any image you want, or you can create your own design right from your browser using SignGrafx’ easy to use online design tool.  Or, if you think you need some guidance, you can give us a call at 1-800-392-9860 and one of our professional designers will help you every step of the way: from helping determine if our product fits your application, to giving you tips on creating a stylized, professional looking design that will fit its surroundings and your personality.

Create Your Own Custom Design

Not only can you design the image that will be printed on your extra wide roller shade, SignGrafx provides other ways for you to customize your extra wide roller shade to be perfectly suited to you and your home.  Whether you want to block out most of the light into a room, or simply to dim the light to cut down on glare and help keep the room cool, you have a choice between materials with varying levels of opacity.  You also have choices when it comes to how you want to install your extra wide roller shade, whether the inside or outside of the mullions.  You can also choose whether you want the image you designed to face into your house, letting you, your family, and your guests enjoy the beautiful piece of art you’ve created, or to face outside, where your neighbors can envy it.

$12.99 per Sq Ft. Delivered to your Doorstep

SignGrafx custom roller shades are easy, versatile, and beautiful; they can be used in so many ways and places, and our custom design process helps to ensure that our products fit your needs precisely. You get endless design options, the convenience of never even having to leave the house, the added comfort in your home, and you can have it all for as little as $13 per sq. ft.

If you have an extra wide window, you need an extra wide roller shade, and if you need an extra wide roller shade, you need SignGrafx!  Design and order online with our online window shade designer, or give us a call at 1-800-392-9860 (or shoot an email to sales@signgrafx.com) to get started on your custom roller shade today.

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