Urban Interior Design Ideas – Create Your Own Design Here

Urban Interior Design Ideas – Create Your Own Design Here

Urban-DesignLiving in the city can pose a problem especially if you have been used to your home in the suburbs or the country where living spaces are much bigger and airier.  For some people, though, the limited space provided by apartments and condos is actually a chance to live simply with only the basic and functional furniture, appliances and fixtures.  Less functional and impractical pieces have no place for urban dwellers.  However, it’s a different story when there are children involved.  Children need bigger spaces to move about and give vent to their energy and creativity.   Adults then find it challenging to design their homes to accommodate the needs of these children.

A Graffiti-Filled Wall

 Some urban interior design ideas suggest allotting a play room or entertainment room specifically designed for kids.  This is a good idea if the space allows it.  Also, if there is a big difference between the ages of your kids, like if you have a toddler and a teenager, their needs differ so that one room may cater to one kid only and not the other.  Or, if you try to integrate the design to suit both of their needs, a conflict is likely to occur.

Here, then, is one of several urban interior design ideas that I have, the inspiration of which was taken from an article at http://weburbanist.com entitled “Web Notebook: Legal Graffiti in Sketchbook Format”.  It describes a 160-page notebook that “bears pictures of NYC walls, trains, vehicles and all sorts of other urban scenes.”  The idea is to write and draw graffiti on them without “mayhem that is so necessary for graffiti artists.”  This may just be what your children need:  an avenue for their pent-up emotions and desires.  But, you need much more than a notebook; what I suggest is much bigger and impressive.

The Subway on Your Wall

 You can do a custom wall mural of an NYC subway station wall or the train itself, without the graffiti, and display it on your wall.  It can be put up in your living room or entertainment room, if you have one.  Then provide your kids with writing materials and let them express themselves by writing and drawing on them.  You and your spouse can join in and do your own version of graffiti.  You will be surprised at the masterpiece that will result from all your random doodles and may even discover hidden talents or desires or frustrations of your family members.  It will become the focal point of your home and your friends can even add their own inscriptions or drawings on the wall.  If you are not satisfied, you can always wash off the graffiti with ordinary soap and water.

Tell Us What You Think

 If you think this is a great idea, go and start designing now.  Our online products will be worth your while and the finished custom wall mural will be well worth the time and effort that you spent designing it.  You can try out other urban interior design ideas or use any of the designs that we recommend.  Call us at 1-800-392-9860 or email us at sales@signgrafx.com for more information.

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