Dimensional Lettering with a Smile

Watch How Easy it is

Check out our dimensional lettering video below and you’ll see that you can definitely install your dimensional lettering from SignGrafx. We made these videos so that you, the customer can feel 100% confident in the products you order from SignGrafx and you can feel 100% assured that you can put them up in totally professional  manner without having to hire an installer. Not only are we leading the industry in online dimensional letter production, but we’re also the only ones going the extra mile by making self help videos for our clients.  If you have a custom order or you think you might need a custom video made,  Call us (1-800-392-9860) and we can discuss your specific project. We’re not just selling dimensional letters that help your business succeed; we’re selling  you peace-of-mind before and after the sale as well.



We’ve Made Dimensional Letters Easy and  100% Customer Installable

  • We offer a wide range of materials, sizes and color options (including full print)
  • We offer free patterns and pounce pads with your order for easy installation
  • We offer instructional videos showing you how easy installation can be.
  • We offer live video/chat/and telephone support from people who live & work in the USA.

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