Dimensional Lettering is a Mainstay

Dimensional letters have been a mainstay in quality signage for decades. There is good reason why!

Dimensional Letters Convey Trust and Permanence!

 First and foremost dimensional letters create the “atmosphere of permanence”. This is very important if your customer wants to feel that you have been in business for a long period of time. People trust companies and the products and services they sell when they perceive that a company has been in business for many years. The older the company the greater the trust. This is why you will witness all sorts of advertising stating” Since 1928″ “or “Serving you for 40 years” etc.

Dimensional Letters Create Atmosphere

How many times have you walked into retail store, saw the racks are full of merchandise, special sale offers on placards, the store owner, manager or team member there to greet you and you immediately made up your mind “I don’t like this place” and leave the premise.  Likely you decided to turn and leave because you felt no “trust” and you didn’t   want to shop in this place. The store lacked the important look and feel of “permanence”. You can easily avoid this situation by installing Dimensional Letters on the walls of your retail store.

The Solution!

Signgrafx has been in the business of manufacturing and selling dimensional Letters for 28 years. We specialize in dimensional letters for interior applications. Our dimensional letters are available in all sorts of materials and thicknesses. From inexpensive Styrofoam, Foamcore ®, Gatorfoam®   to more upscale plastics and acrylics with laminate faces our dimensional letters are always uncompromised quality. Don’t let another customer walk out of your store because it didn’t have the right appeal to them. Call us (1-800-392-9860) to discuss your dimensional lettering needs today

Color Options Are Endless

Watch the video to see how easy it is for us to change the color of your dimensional lettering

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