Window Shade Installation

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Watch The How-To Video On The Go

Now, it’s not necessary to have a computer near your installation site so you can follow along with your how-to video. If you have a smartphone,  you can scan the barcode below and be instantly taken to the video on your phone.  It’s one more way SignGrafx provides superior customer service to our clients!


Quick Overview of The How-To Video

Installation of your printed window shade is easy to do. If you watch the video you can follow along with your own installation. And you can even watch it on your phone. The first thing you need to do is gather the appropriate gear for the job. You will need a screwdriver (preferably a cordless power drill) and a measuring tape. The hardware for the printed window shade is included in your order so you’ll need to gather those from the packaging.

Once you’ve got your items together you will need to test fit your window shade hardware in the position you’ve measured for previously (inside or outside the mullion) You can see in the video how the two types of installation differ. Of course you will  need to have made this decision before you order your shades but we want to show both types in the “how to” video. For an inside the mullion installation, you can use the horizontal or the vertical predrilled holes in the hardware. Outside the mullion installations will require using the holes on the top of the hardware.

Now you’ll quickly want to rough fit your window shade just to double check your previous measurements. After double checking your measurements you can match the proper sides of the hardware to the proper side of the shade. It should be fairly easy to determine the difference. The shade has a male and female end and the hardware will fit into one and not the other. When you’re ready to begin installing the hardware onto the mullion, you should start with the locking side of the hardware first. The clutch side of the window shade hardware is next.

With the window shade hardware in place, you can slide the shade into the mounting hardware and lock into place. Affix the clutch end of the window shade in first, and then the locking end should slip into the locking hardware and you can snap the window shade’s locking latch in place. And your printed window shade is ready to use!

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