Vinyl Lettering on Vehicles

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Watch The How-To Video On The Go

 If you use this QR code with a smartphone scanner you no longer need to be in front of a computer screen in order to watch and follow along with this  instructional how-to video. Once you scan this QR code you’ll be taken to a mobile version of our video that you can watch right next to the vehicle and follow along. Installation videos are one way that SignGrafx ensures that you are as happy with your product as possible.


 An Outline of the Instructional  Vinyl Lettering Installation How-to Video

 The first task is always to make sure you clean the surface of the vehicle. Tape your custom vinyl lettering in place. Hold up your custom vinyl lettering against the vehicle where you want to apply it.Tape at the edge with masking tape and adjust lettering to your desired location. Make sure your custom vinyl lettering is straight, use a level if you need to.

Cut the tape for registration. Cut the masking tape along the edge. Be careful not to scratch your vehicle’s clear coat. Remove the backing from your custom vinyl lettering and make sure not to let your custom vinyl lettering fold onto itself, it will be very difficult to peel apart

Once  you’ve finished this, align and squeegee your custom vinyl lettering, then remove the transfer tape. Line up the tape on your custom vinyl lettering with the tape on your vehicle. Once your registration tape is aligned, you can begin to squeegee your custom vinyl lettering onto the vehicle.

Start from the top middle and squeegee outward to the edges. Work your way down, always starting in the middle and overlapping strokes.  When you’re finished with this step, peel off the transfer tape.

Now you can clean up the area and remove the left-over masking tape. If any of your custom vinyl lettering is over a seam, tuck under or carefully cut off the excess vinyl.

Get Your Custom Vinyl Lettering From SignGrafx

 I know that custom vinyl lettering is still an extremely viable way to advertise your company and get a quick message out to the public. SignGrafx makes it easy for you to get this done with our helpful installation videos. Now, even though you’ve ordered vinyl lettering for 100 locations, you can be assured that all of them will know how to install it after they watch our  instructional how-to videos.  Give us a call (1-800-392-9860)  or send us an e-mail at sales@signgrafx.com for your next custom vinyl lettering order and see how we can help make your next vehicle lettering rollout a lot less hassle for you.

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