See-Thru Vinyl on Glass Installation

Watch a video about installing your see-thru vinyl onto a building’s window.

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Watch The How-To Video On The Go

Now, it’s not necessary to have a computer near your installation site so you can follow along with your how-to video. If you have a smart-phone,  you can scan the bar-code on the right side of this page and be instantly taken to the video on your phone.  It’s one more way SignGrafx provides superior customer service to our clients!


Quick Overview Of the How-To Video

See-thru window vinyl is extremely easy to install and remove. We’ve made a “how to” video that explains how to do it.  In this quick overview of the instructional video, you’ll have a rough outline of how to go about doing this yourself. But if you need a full explanation, be sure to watch the video we’ve provided above.

The first step in installing your see-thru window graphic is to clean the surface of the window. Any dirty or grime can show up as bubbles on your graphic that can’t be removed. It might not be very visible from a distance, but it’s still a good idea to begin with a clean surface. I would also recommend not installing this graphic on a windy day, too. It can be a bit unwieldy and windy conditions can easily soil your window with dust even after you’ve cleaned it.

After you’ve cleaned the window surface, you should double check the fitment of your see-thru window graphic and then when you are satisfied with the placement, you should tape the see-thru graphic in place on the window. When you’ve taped it in place, cut along the egde of the graphic leaving some of the tape on the window frame and the rest on the graphic. Now, you can use these pieces of tape as a very quick alignment method.

Now, peel back some of the backer from the top of the window graphic and fold back the backer, and place it on the window making sure to realign the tape marks you made a moment ago. Use your squeegee to squeegee down the see-thru window vinyl that you peeled away in the last step. Once you’ve got the top portion squeegeed down, you can pull back a bit more of the backer and continue with your installation a little at a time.

After you’ve squeegeed the graphic down, trim the excess see-thru material from around the edge of the frame (we provide a small amount of bleed so your graphic is assured proper fit). When  you’ve finished this finals step your see-thru window graphic is finished and is ready to add additional branding and advertising space to your location!

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See-Thru vinyl graphics are an inexpensive way to further your brand and message. Contact a sales representative as SignGrafx to discuss your business’ location and see how see-thru vinyls can help you and your business do what it does best, realize more profits. Call us today (1-800-392-9860) and talk to one of our sales representatives and see just how easy doing business with us can be.


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