See-Thru Vinyl on a Vehicle – Installation Video

Installing See-Thru Vinyl on your vehicle is quick and easy. Watch this video to learn more about it!

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Watch The How-To Video On The Go

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Quick Overview Of the How-To Video

Installing  your see-thru vinyl graphic on your car, boat, truck or RV can be a very carefree adventure after watching our “how to” video. With a little know how and a helping hand from SignGrafx you can do it yourself without needing to hire a professional or worry about incorrect installation.

The initial effort in installing your vehicle’s see-thru window graphic is cleaning the surface of your vehicle’s window. If  you have any dust or dirt on your window, and you install you graphic over it, there will be small bubbles in your graphic that can never be removed. They won’t be visible from a distance so they aren’t something to worry too much about, but you should try to avoid it if possible. (Look at a city bus’ window and vinyl graphics and you’ll see a huge amount of bubbles, but its probably something you’ve never noticed before!) Doing this install on a windy day can also prove troublesome. Windy day can kick up dirt on your newly cleaned window without you realizing it. The wind also makes installing vinyl a little more challenging as the graphic can act like a sail in high winds and attempt to fly away from you!

With a clean window you’re ready to take the next step in installing your vehicle’s see-thru window vinyl. The next step is double checking your measurements to ensure that the graphic size you ordered will fit how  you want it to fit. Once you’ve placed the graphic on the car where you want it, you an tape this graphic in place. When you cut this tape off, the tape that is left on the vehicle will be a useful alignment tool which will allow you to install  your see-thru vinyl quickly and easily.

With the registration marks made, you can peel back a portion of the back from the top of the see-thru graphic and fold it down to keep it out of the way. Carefully place the graphic on the vehicle where you want it, and make sure your registration marks line up. Now that you’ve  got this step finished,  you can continue to peel back some of the graphic and squeegee it to the window.

Once you’ve got the entire graphic squeegeed down to the window (being careful to avoid window wipers and latches and handles) you can carefully trim your graphic off the edge of the window and around any fixtures inside the window. After you complete this step, your vinyl graphic is ready to be enjoyed!

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See-Thru vinyl graphics are an inexpensive way to further your brand and message. Contact a sales representative as SignGrafx to discuss your business’ location and see how see-thru vinyls can help you and your business do what it does best, realize more profits. Call us today (1-800-392-9860) and talk to one of our sales representatives and see just how easy doing business with us can be.


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