Roll Up Banner Stand – Assembly

Assembling your SignGrafx Roll Up Banner Stand is quick and easy. A perfect alternative to bulky trade show graphics, too!


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Watch The How-To Video On The Go

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Installation Is Easy

Roll Up Banner Stands are one of the best new products on the market if you’re looking for ultra portable display stands. With Roll Up Banner Stand from SignGrafx you can breath easier knowing that we’re here to support you even after your sale is complete. We’ve made an informative “how to” video so you can make sure you’re assembling your pop up properly. We remember the nights spent trying to assemble that bicycle the night before Christmas, and we don’t want you to have those same headaches with our products. So, please, take a moment and view our “how to” video and you’ll see how SignGrafx goes the extra mile for you.

Quick Overview Of The How-To Video

Assembling a Roll Up Banner Stand from Signgrafx is fast. First unzip your handy black carry case and remove all the pieces from the bag. You should have the pop up base and the extension pole. Once you’ve got these parts together,  you can flip the feet out of the base and remove the locking pin from the bottom of the stand. This locking pin will help prevent your Roll Up Banner Stand from rolling back up unexpectedly later on.

Now that you have the base taken care of, extend the extension pole to the height you require for the graphic you’ve ordered. You can tighten the pole by rotating the different sections against themselves and it should tighten up for you.

With your pole extended, you can find the hook embedded in the top of the Roll Up Banner Stand’s graphic. There should be a notch or hole in the top of your pole that you can sink this hook into. now, you can raise your graphic all in one motion and then plant the butt-end of the pole into the convenient receiver on the located on the base of the display stand.

If you packaged a few of these pop ups together for your next trade show display you can also strap 3 or 4 of these together and put them in your overhead bin on your flight out and your return flight. Try doing that with your old trade show graphics!

Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in using Roll Up Banner Stands for your next trade show display or you want to have an ultra portable promotional graphic,  you should definitely give us a call today (1-800-392-9860) and talk to one of our sales representatives and see just how easy doing business with us can be.


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