Odyssey & Vistacare Lobby Sign

Odyssey and Vistcare lobby sign installation video. Please watch before attempting to install your Odyssey or Vistacare lobby sign


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Summary of How To Install a Lobby Sign by Signgrafx

The only tools you should need to install your sign are a drill and a level.  Anything else you need is included in the box with your sign. Step 1Place box, face up, on the floor near where you will be installing your sign.Cut the tape and remove the top of the box. The first thing you should see is a paper pattern. Remove the paper pattern from the box and unfold it.Place the paper pattern on the wall and use a level to make sure it’s straight.Tape the paper pattern in place.Make sure that the four small circles on the corners of the pattern aren’t over studs.  The standoffs provided with your sign install using sheetrock anchors which will not go through studs.

Remove the allen head from the box and place it on the tip of your drill.Align the tip of your drill with one of the four small circles on the corners of your paper pattern.Hit the back of your drill firmly, to leave a hole or indentation in the wall.Repeat this step for the remaining three circles.These holes are where you will screw in the sheetrock anchors. Twist the sheetrock anchor off of the barrel of one of the standoffs and put the barrel back into the box.Place the anchor on the tip of your drill and drill it into one of the four holes you just made.Make sure you drill the anchors in straight, otherwise they may not fit into the holes on your sign.Repeat this step with the three remaining anchors.

The barrel of the standoff is the larger piece with a stud sticking out of one side.Unscrew this piece of the standoff and screw it onto one of the sheetrock anchors, with the stud pointing outward.Make sure that at least 1 1/4” of the stud is showing when the barrel is screwed on completely. To avoid getting any fingerprints on the acrylic, be sure to wear the gloves included with your sign.Remove the top layer of packaging foam from the box, to expose the frosted back panel of your sign.Carefully pick the frosted back panel up and place it onto the studs sticking out of the wall.Be very careful not to scratch the back of the panel with the studs, acrylic scratches easily.

Use the lint-free cloth included with your sign to wipe down the panel thoroughly. Remove one side of the protective paper (the side facing you) from the clear front panel.Remove the surrounding foam from the box and wipe down the panel with the lint-free cloth. This side will be the back of the font panel of your sign, and you will not be able to clean it once it is on the wall, so make sure to wipe it down thoroughly.Carefully pick up the front panel and place it on the studs, just like you did with the back panel.

Screw the end caps (the last pieces you have left of the standoffs) onto the studs, until they are touching the panel. Your sign is now secure and it is safe to remove the protective paper from the front of your sign. Clean off the front and enjoy your shiny new lobby sign from SignGrafx!

 Find Out How to Get Your Own How-To Video Done with Us

 Not only does SignGrafx produce world-class graphics and decor items but we go the extra mile to produce informative how-to videos for your franchisees as well. Odyssey and Vista care  have realized how valuable this services to their locations.  And I know that after watching this video you understand it as well.  if you have a decor product that you want to roll out to all of your locations, remember that SignGrafx isn’t only going to produce a great product for you, were going to make it easy for your employees to install.  Give us a call at 1-800-392-9860 send us an e-mail at sales@signgrafx.com or fill out a contact form and let us show you just how great our service after the sale is.

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