Floor Graphics – Installation Video

Learn the details of installing a floor graphic in your location! This quick video will show  you how.

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Watch The How-To Video On The Go

Now, it’s not necessary to have a computer near your installation site so you can follow along with your how-to video. If you have a smart-phone,  you can scan the bar-code on the right side of this page and be instantly taken to the video on your phone.  It’s one more way SignGrafx provides superior customer service to our clients!


Installation Is Easy

Floor Graphics are unique and highly functional in a retail environment. Thankfully, learning how to install these innovative graphics only takes a few minutes.  Our how-to video will take you step by step and in a very short amount of time, you’ll have finished your floor graphic installation and your business will have an attractive new graphic ready to go. In order to help you with the floor graphic you’ve received from SignGrafx, we’ve provided this how to page to help you on your way. I’m sure you’ll agree that being able to install these sorts of graphics by yourself without the headache and expense of hiring a professional is can be a real lifesaver especially for you do-it-yourself types out there. Our floor graphic installation video is less than 5 minutes long and packed full of useful information to help you complete this project.

Quick Overview Of The How-To Video

The first step in installing your floor graphic successfully is to lay the graphic on the floor where you want it to go. This way you can positiion it for as long as you like and you don’t have to worry about getting the adhesives dirty or messing the print up by attempting to reposition it at this stage. Once you’ve got the floor graphic where you want it, you’re going to want to tape it in place so that you can quickly go back to the exact placement with no effort. Cut the tape so that part of it is on the floor and part of it is still on the graphic. This creates a very easy positioning marker so that you can quickly and easily place the graphic back on the ground with no hassle.

Of course, now you should make sure your floor is clean and as free from debris as possible. Cleaning the floor graphics backer is also a good idea, as it will always bring some dirt to the party, if you let it.

Once this is finished,  you will start to peel  and cut the back off of your graphic near the tape marks and begin to squeegee your graphic to the floor. Be sure to pay attention to the video if you need help with this portion of the job or you are unfamiliar with squeegeeing vinyl. Now that you’ve laid down a portion of your graphic and the alignment marks are aligned, you’re ready to start laying down the rest of your graphic. Slow and careful is always preferable with these steps.

Now that the entire floor graphic has been attached to the floor. you can check it for air bubbles and squeegee those out of the floor graphic leaving you with a nice smooth finish.

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If you’d like to learn more about how you can partner with SignGrafx and produce some fantastic floor graphics for your business or if you need advice on how to install these products, give us a call (1-800-392-9860) and talk to one of our sales representatives and see just how easy doing business with us can be.


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