Dry Erase Board Installation

Learn how to install  your dry erase board safely and securely. See how easy it really is!

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Now, it’s not necessary to have a computer near your installation site so you can follow along with your how-to video. If you have a smartphone,  you can scan the bar code to the right and be instantly taken to the video on your phone.  It’s one more way SignGrafx provides superior customer service to our clients!


Overview of The Dry Erase How-To Video

Customizable Dry Erase Boards are vital for accurate representation of production in any workplace. Being able to make your own custom dry erase board can have a direct result on your bottom line through increased efficiency. In this installation video we’ll go over the methods used to install a SignGrafx custom dry erase board. As is true with most installation jobs, the first thing you need to do to install your custom dry erase board is to make some registration points so that you can accurately install you dry erase board. The quickest way to do this is to decide how high off the ground you want you dry erase board. Measure the height of this point and make two points on the wall so that you can align the bottom of your board and it will come out straight.

Now you’ll want to align the bottom of the dry erase board to these marks and mark the screw holes provided in the board. Be sure the board stays in place throughout this process or your dry erase board will not be installed to your liking.  Once you’ve made the marks on the wall, you can drill the dry wall anchors into the wall in these positions. Of course you can’t screw drywall anchors into a stud, so be sure you aren’t lined up on a stud before you begin drilling the drywall anchor. If you are lined up in front of a stud,  you won’t need a drywall anchor for that particular hole. Before you screw the bolts into the dry wall anchor you’re going to want to slip the cap on the bolt so that you can have an attractive end cap when you’re finished.

Now that you’ve got the screws screwed in, you can snap down the end caps on all four of the screws, and your custom dry erase board is finished! Now you, too, can enjoy the added benefits that a personalized dry erase board can bring you.

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The uses for a custom dry erase board are limitless. Keep your employees schedules straight, manage incoming and outgoing product and job orders, or give your child a cool new way to express their artistic inspirations! Call SignGrafx today and learn how this exciting new product can give you a new way to improve production and creativity. Give us a call at 1-800-392-9860 and you can be connected with one of our sales associates in less than a minute!


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