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installing a decal onto a vehicle

In less than 5 minutes you can have your vehicle decal professionally installed onto your car, boat or trailer. Watch the video for the details.


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Watch The How-To Video On The Go

If you just purchased a vinyl decal for your car, boat, truck, or RB you might need some help with the installation. Now there’s no need to sit in front of the computer and try to memorize what somebody’s telling you in an instructional video. If you have a smart phone you can scan the QR code at right and take the video on the go with you. Now you can watch our instructional video and follow along right in front of your car. This kind of service up to the sale is what makes SignGrafx a leader in the printing industry.


 Summary of How To Install Custom Decals onto a Vehicle

Clean the surface of your vehicle and align the graphic how you want it. Before removing the backer, hold your custom vinyl decal up to the space in which you’re going to apply it. Make sure your custom vinyl decal fits in the space, and hold it straight. Align custom vinyl decal and tape in place

Hold your custom vinyl decal in place, making sure to keep it straight, and apply strips of masking tape to the edge.  These will be your registration marks.

Cut the registration tape carefully cut masking tape along the edge of your custom vinyl decal, making sure not to cut through your vehicle’s clear coat. Remove the backer carefully from your custom vinyl decal, and make sure not to let it stick to itself.

 Now that that’s done you can, re-register your custom vinyl decal. Align the masking tape on your custom vinyl decal with the masking tape left on your vehicle.

Squeegee your custom vinyl decal in place. DO NOT lay your custom vinyl decal down all at once. Start at the top or from one side and work your way across, squeegeeing from the middle to the edges, and overlapping strokes.  This will help to avoid bubbles and wrinkles in your custom vinyl decal.

 Have a vinyl decal project that you need help on?

 SignGrafx has been a leader in the vehicle graphics industry for over a decade. Call one of our sales  representatives and discuss your vinyl decal project with us  at 1-800-392-9860.  of course, if you prefer you can send us an e-mail at sales@signgrafx.com or fill out a contact form with the details of your project and will get back to you with all the relevant information very quickly.

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