Decal Onto Glass – Installation

“How to” video showing you how to install a vinyl decal onto your business’ glass facade.

Watch The How-To Video On The Go

Now, it’s not necessary to have a computer near your installation site so you can follow along with your how-to video. If you have a smart-phone,  you can scan the bar-code on the right side of this page and be instantly taken to the “how to install a decal onto glass” video on your phone.  It’s one more way SignGrafx provides superior customer service to our clients!


Quick Overview Of the “How To” Video

Installing a decal onto glass is something that most people are faced with at some point in their small business’ life. Most people hire a professional because there wasn’t any comprehensive information about how to do it in a readily digestible fashion. With the advent of the internet, and youtube, information flows much more freely, and SignGrafx is on the forefront of this information sharing in the graphic and printing industry. This video will give you an overall idea how to install your own decals quickly and easily, as we walk you through the process of putting some store hours on the door of the pharmacy.

As with most of our “how to” videos, step number one is always making sure you have a clean surface, so wipe the glass down before you begin. Failing to do this step can result in dirt being trapped underneath your decal and, while it won’t be seen from a distance, it is a defect that we want to avoid if possible.

Now that your surface is clean, you can turn your attention to alignment. Alignment is always key when installing a decal onto glass and for this project  our installer is using a grease pencil to put some marks on the glass to make some registration points. We make registration points  so that when she is ready to put her decal on glass  she knows it will be aligned perfectly.

Once the registration is set, peel back some of the decal’s backer from the top portion of the graphic and expose some of the  adhesive and fold the backer back to keep it out of the way

Now you can line up the exposed part of the decal with the registration points you made just a moment ago. When you have them lined up, squeegee the decal down with nice, even, overlapping strokes that start from the middle and work outward. This will ensure that your decal goes down smoothly and will minimize the possibility of air bubbles being trapped between the graphic and your glass.

Once you have the top of the decal squeegeed to the glass, remove some more of the backer and squeegee your way down the graphic. Remember, easy overlapping strokes, and take your time. Rushing these steps can often lead to mistakes that are difficult to correct later on.

Now that you’re done squeegeeing it down, you should be at the end of the “how to” video and your custom made decal is installed and ready to be enjoyed by everyone who sees it! You can use this technique for all sorts of decals that you need to put on your storefront. You can even use this technique on decals that go on the inside of your glass and face outwards. Of course the lettering will be reversed in that example, but the installation process is identical.

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Having decals on glass is a very common way that businesses advertise themselves and their products. Once you have a little understanding you can easily install these items yourself, quickly and professionally. If you or your business is in need some decals for your storefront,  contact a sales associate at SignGrafx to discuss your business’ location and we’ll show you how decals from SignGrafx can help your business make you more money! Call us today! 1-800-392-9860 and you’ll see how great dealing with SignGrafx can be.


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