What are Custom Floor Graphics?

Custom floor graphics are just like any other decal or sticker, with a couple of extra features which make them ideal for use on floors. Signgrafx.com’s Floor Graphics are backed with a high-tack adhesive, to make sure the edges won’t curl and cause a safety hazard. Our Floor Graphics are covered with OSHA-compliant non-skid laminate, so they are just as safe as the floor you stick them on.

Floor Graphic Highlights

  • Design your own custom Floor Graphics online.
  • Floor Graphics are $14.99 per sq. ft.
  • UL Approved materials.
  • Non-skid surfaces keep you and your customers safe.
  • Perfect for in-store promotions.
  • No special software needed.
  • Most orders ship within 48 hours.

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Floor Graphics FAQ

1. What is a Custom Floor Graphic?

Floor graphics are an adhesive backed graphic printed on 4 mm vinyl with a non-skid laminate that is UL-approved for indoor use. Signgrafx.com floor graphics are also removable leaving no adhesive residue. ?With advertising space at a premium, floor graphics give you one more surface to reinforce your brand and your corporate message. SignGrafx’s floor graphics meet all regulations when it comes to being safe for use in a publicly trafficked area. Using the Signgrafx.com custom online design center, you can upload your own images or design your own floor graphic, right from the website. Installation only requires a smooth surface and a few simple household items. If you need help with installing your graphic, signgrafx.com has a full gamut of installation videos, including one for floor graphics. Get the jump on your competition by designing your floor graphic with signgrafx.com today!

2. Can I Make My Floor Graphic Any Size?

Floor Graphics can be made up to 72″ x 72″ with no seams. If you want your Floor Graphic to be larger than 72″ x 72″, it will have to be produced and installed in panels

3. Which Shapes are Best for Floor Graphics?

Nearly all small and medium sized Floor Graphics are circular. or rounded-corner rectangles they may also be produced with a loose profile cut border. It is possible for very large floor graphics to be cut to the profile but these are special circumstances. Avoid designing shapes that contain slim or narrow protrusions from a shape that could limit adhesion to the floor. Rounded edges on a square graphic make floor graphics stick down better and prevent any kind of roll-up or de-lamination of the material. A completely circular floor graphic will ensure the best adhesion to your floor. If your shape is very large you can use an abstract shape for your floor graphic but you must be sure not to have parts that are too thin.

4. How Do I Install and Remove Floor Graphics?

Floor Graphics will work best in an indoor environment and when installed on a smooth non-porous surface. Installing floor graphics across grout lines, while possible, is not recommended. In this example the floor graphic is going across very thin grout lines and should not be affected. When installing your custom floor graphics be sure not to go over any true grout lines that could cause your graphic to peel up prematurely. For additional help on installation or removal, see our Floor Graphic Installation Video for a step by step procedure on how to install your SignGrafx Floor Graphic.

5. Can I Choose Any Image for My Floor Graphics?

Yes with some qualifications, SignGrafx can reproduce any image onto floor graphics. However it is important that whatever image you choose be of adequate pixel count (or be completely vectorized) for quality reproduction at your specified size. For more information please look at file size specifications. Floor Graphic Applications ? Retail and office environments ? Restaurants and showrooms ? Private residences ? Grocery stores & exhibit halls ? Retail store department identification.

6. Do I Have to Use Special Cleaning Products on My Floor Graphic?

No. Your Signgrafx.com floor graphic should need no additional attention when it comes to cleaning your floor. Just continue with your usual cleaning routines.

7. Can I Use My Floor Graphics Outdoors?

Floor Graphics are produced for indoor use and must be applied to a smooth, non-porous surface for proper adhesion. If you have a floor graphic project for an outdoor environment please give us a call at 1-800-392-9860.

8. What are Floor Graphics Useful for?

Square footage that is brandable is at a premium in a retail environment. Floor Graphics from Signgrafx.com allow you to brand additional areas or give directional instruction that you couldn’t do otherwise.

Material Info

  • 4 mm vinyl
  • Non-skid laminate
  • UL-approved for indoor use
  • High-tack adhesive

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