Save Money with Wall Murals

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Wall Murals Save You Money on Decor Massive advertising value for the cost Can be taken down and reinstalled based on shopping seasons Less chance for customers to miss items with directed murals Remind customers of their pleasant shopping experience … Continued

Custom Window Shades

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What is a custom window shade? Product Highlights Benefits of using graphic window shades Frequently Asked Questions What is a Custom Window Shade? Custom printed window shades are a SignGrafx exclusive. A window shade that allows you to put any … Continued

Can I use my Floor Decals Outdoors?

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Floor Decals are produced for indoor use and must be applied to a smooth, non-porous surface for proper adhesion.  If you have a floor decal project for an outdoor environment please give us a call at 1-800-392-9860.

Can I Choose Any Image For My Floor Decals?

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Yes with some qualifications, SignGrafx can reproduce any image onto floor decals. However it is important that whatever image you choose be of adequate pixel count (or be completely vectorized) for quality reproduction at your specified size.  For more information … Continued

Caring For Your Custom Window Shade

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Caring for your new SignGrafx custom window shade is a snap. If you want to wash  your window shade, simply remove it from its mounting clips and clean it with mild soapy water and a cloth. Don’t use harsh chemical … Continued

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